Australian Landscape Paintings

Paintings of the Australian Bush

‘Pink Lakes’ Moyra Le Blanc Smith

The soft early morning light and reflections in the shallow lake were so interesting to paint. I love the gum tree shapes and the colours of the red earth and blue sky reflected in the water.

Australian Landscape Paintings

I love to create Australian landscape paintings close to home in Geelong and further afield in the Australian Outback such as the Flinders Ranges and the Northern Territory. My work includes gum trees, rivers, gorges, mountain ranges and rural landscapes. A special favourite is a combination of gum trees and water, or gum trees set against rugged rock gorges. I have traveled extensively around Australia, painting outdoors which has enabled me to learn to capture the colours, shapes and forms of the Australian Bush. I am continuously striving to capture the ‘feeling’ of the bush scenes, hoping to bring viewers the experience of the heat, soft breezes, strong wind, the sound of birdsong, babbling rivers and buzzing flies. The plein air painting informs the studio paintings and many of them are later worked into larger, more detailed paintings on returning home.

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