Natural Art

by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

38 Otways Light Show B Fuji‘Otways Light Show’
To walk amongst the trees and feel their strength, their character and the cool comfort of their shade.
To feel that I am a living piece of the trees, the rocks the land, and the sunshine,
a creature of the natural world amongst the animals, fish and birds.
To smell the perfume of beautiful brightly coloured flowers and like an insect, to be enticed by their vibrant colours.
To listen to birdsong, rivers flowing, the breeze murmuring in the leaves and creatures rustling whilst painting plein air.
To capture this feeling on canvas
and to communicate my awe to the viewers of my paintings,
is to feel fulfilled of my life’s purpose.
A journey with an infinite destination.
To make a difference, in some small way, to how our beautiful Australia is cared for
and to leave a better country for our children and grandchildren in which to live and grow.


Australian Natural Art Paintings

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